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You don't have the same eyes as anyone else, so why would you want to wear anyone else's eyeglasses? You would not, and your orthodontic treatment should not be any different. Now there is Insignia®, an innovative new software that implements 3-D imaging of your teeth to help create customized trays, brackets and wires for you.

Here Are Some Of the Benefits Offered With Insignia®:

•  Each customized bracket is designed to move your teeth with more precision, resulting in fewer, shorter visits, and customized to avoid generic brackets and wires
•  The 3-D imaging allows you to see the end result before starting treatment. Dr. Anthony Lovrovich works with Insignia® to put into consideration your facial features and symmetry, to allow for the optimum result. And because Dr. Anthony Lovrovich listens to his patients, this feature also allows you and the doctor to make any modifications prior to placing braces
•  Orthodontists are required to go through additional, extensive training to get certified in treating patients with Insignia®
•  There are different options provided by Insignia®, and Dr. Anthony Lovrovich works closely with Insignia® and his patients to make the best choice
•  For cases with mild to moderate movement, there are clear aligners available. They are delivered in stages, so any modifications can be made before the next set are sent to the office
•  Another option is Damon™ Clear, which is a virtually clear, wireless bracket system that is proven to move teeth quicker and more comfortably than traditional braces. The system uses archwires that are technologically advanced and don't have to be tightened, which means markedly less discomfort. And unlike aligners, the Damon™ Clear system is also easy to keep clean and doesn't cause any speech impediment
•  Inspire ICE™ are crystal clear brackets made with a patented sapphire material that prevents staining. Older versions of clear braces had a tendency to stain, but Inspire ICE™ will not. They are also more comfortable than metal brackets
•  Insignia® also offers metal brackets, but they are a fraction of the size of traditional brackets, and unlike other metal brackets, they are custom-made for your teeth

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Anthony Lovrovich to discuss the Insignia® option and we will work with you to achieve your matchless smile!

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