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Adult Orthodontics

African American woman with long black curly hair, large hoop earings, a blue collared jacket and a nice smile with braces.Do you have crooked teeth that have been bothering you for years? Perhaps your bite has never felt right, but you felt as if you were past the point of getting it corrected? If you want to remedy your dental issues, yet you are self-conscious about wearing braces, you have no need to worry! Orthodontic treatment is not like the old days of teens wearing metal braces and headgear. Today many adults are going through treatment and have a myriad of choices besides the traditional metal braces available to them. In fact, many of Dr. Anthony Lovrovich's patients are over 18 years old.

Adult Braces

Not only will braces give you that thousand watt smile, but it will boost your self-esteem and improve your oral health.

If You Are Contemplating Going Through Orthodontics, Some Things to Consider:


It Does Take Time

It does take time, but new advances in orthodontics have allowed many adult patients to get their treatment done in shorter times with the same results as traditional braces

Jaws Are Fully Formed as an Adult

Jaws are fully formed as an adult, so some treatments for adults may require surgery for correction before or while wearing braces. Also, if you have a complex case, options such as Invisalign® may not be a viable route for treatment

If Cost is an Issue

If cost is an issue, Dr. Anthony Lovrovich and his skilled team will put that into consideration for your treatment options

Dr. Anthony Lovrovich and his team are sensitive to how busy your life is, and he uses the latest technologies for his patients. Insignia®, Invisalign®, and Propel® are the newest products on the market that can cut treatment time while maintaining efficacy. Please call the office of Dr. Anthony Lovrovich, and one of his team members will schedule your initial appointment for you. After your initial appointment, you will return for your treatment consultation, and Dr. Anthony Lovrovich will suggest the best routes and alternatives for your treatment and objectives. We look forward to being fellow team members in achieving your goal for a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile!

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